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Opera House

 Opera house , Port Elizabeth

Orchard street

 Orchard street Johanneburg

Orchid house

Orchid house, Botanical gardens, Durban

Ornamental water

 Ornamental water Botaniv Gardens King Williams Town

Orphanage, Marrianhill




Ostrich faming

Ostrich faming in the Eastern Province 

Ostrich farm, Escourt

Ostrich farm, Esourt, Natal


Ostrich farming

Our Mother

Our mother

Out of the shadow

Out of the shadow


Outfit worn by a courting youth of the Khuze of Highflats 1983. the original outfit worn by a member of Mbanjwa family and photographed at Bobson studio.


Outfit worn by a dancing youth ( a married man may wear the same but for the beadwork) of the Khuze of highflats 1983. this outfit is worn by a friend of the Mbanjwa family.

Outfit for Amajongosi (Junior girls) for dancing from KwaMatakana (Hela-Hela)

Outfit for Amajongosi (junior girl) for dancing from KwaMatakana (Hela-Hela)

Outfit for amaqhikiza

Outfit for Amaqhikiza, girl who is senior with boyfriend, from Mabaso clan area of Msinga 1975

Outfit for amaqhikiza girl

Outfit for Amaqhikiza girl worn to umemulo(coming of age) girl's ceremonies, in the weenen (Nobamba) area of KwaZulu 1960-70

Outfit for izintombi from eMachwini clan area of uMsinga, c1988

Outfit for izintombi from eMachunwini clan area uMsinga, c1988

Outfit for umemulo worn by girls from eMabomvini clan uMsinga

Outfit for uMemulo, worn by girls from eMabomvini clan, uMsinga

Outfit of Amaqhikiza from eMachunwinwi, Msinga

Outfit formely belonging to Nompilo Mchunu of eMachunwini clan area uMsinga 1989. She is a senior girl or Iqhikiza and about 25 years old. She converted to Zionist sect church after being healed of sickness. Her boyfriend did not mind her conversion.

Outfit of girl in age group as "Izintombi ezivundile"

Beadwork worn by a girl who has attained puberty but may not be courted in Khuze of Highflats, 1983


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