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Life with an Amazon

Wooden sculpture made from Jacaranda tree by Smart Gumede (Art teacher at Ntuzuma in 1980s) 

Adult beadwork. Tshongwe Show

Adult beadwork. Tshongwe show, 11.6.1959

Beadwork. Ingwavuma show

Beadwork. Ingwavuma Show, 1959.

Beadwork. Ingwavuma show

Beadwork Ingwavuma Show, 1959

Mapogga woman

Mapogga woman, 12.7.1962

Mapogga woman

Mapogga woman, 12.7.1962

Beadwork. Eshowe show. 24.9.1962

Beadwork. Eshowe show

Beaded bottles. Greytown show. 6.9.1962

Beaded bottles. Greytown show

beadwork. Eshowe show 17.5.1962

beadwork. Eshowe show

Beaded Courtship Necklace

Long beaded necklace, green with black lettering "Mawulele Ngiyakushiya" meaning "If you sleep, i will leave you" The necklace worn by unmarried girl of courting age in Richmond district c1979.

Wooden Hat

Wooden hat carved from the root of umkhuhlu tree and wire inlay. Bought by H.C Lugg from the owner at Kosi Bay in 1920

Pedi doll

KCAV 1854 Pedi doll. Adult work atNgwane Mshube  Grossert no 1061

Waist belt and rattles for dancing

KCAV 1852 Waist belt and rattles for dancing. Pedi Mokomane 24.10.1960 Grosset no465. 1853 Waist /nect ring. Pedi Ngwane Mokube 3.11.1961. Grossert NO 810

Beaded bottles. maputo show 12.6.1961

Beaded bottles. maputo show

Beadwork. marrianhill show. 17.7.1960

Beadwork. marrianhill show

Sotho ( Pedi) doll

KCAV 1851 N.Sotho ( Pedi) doll. Makombe. Grossert No 464

Beadwork. Geza Zululand at B otshabele 13.6.1960

Beadwork. Geza Zululand at B otshabele

Sub Inspector E.A. Molotsane, Sup. P.A.P. Mampie. Mr Eister

KCAV 1840 Sub Inspector E.A. MOlotsane, SupP.A.P>Mampie, Mr Eister. Grossert no 367

Beaded items. Ekhombe show 4.9.1959

Beaded items. Ekhombe show

Pedi women

KCAV 1845 Pedi women


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