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Carved horn animal. possible Hlabisa or Tsongwe, Zululand

Carved horn animal. Possibly Hlabise or Tsongwe, Zululand, 8.6.1961

Carved figure carrying sheep on shoulders.

KCAV 1479 and 1480 Carved figure carring sheep on shoulders. Marrinhill Art  School.

Carved dipper. venda. sibasa show. 12.9.1962

Carved dipper. venda. sibasa show. 12.9.1962

Carved calabash. venda adult

Carved calabash. venda adult

Carved calabash with detail views of. in African Museum, Johannesburg 25.04.1960

Carved calabash with detail views of. in African Museum

Carved calabash Venda. Green Haven

Carved calabash Venda. Green Haven

Cartoon "false asleep"


Carter's Ridge memorial

Carter's ridge memorial

Carring the cross

WCP 3058 Carrying cross " Aquetint 1991

Carrcative of man pushing pram with childrenthrough a shanty town

WCP 1719 Caranacature of a man pushing pram with children througha Shanty town.

Card from Alfred Thomas Metcalf, Hearty Greeting


Embossed on the card: "Hearty Greeting".

Handwritten note on the card: "Pictures of A.T. Metcalf who married Sissie (Sarah) Blamey"



Car photographed for insurance

Captain Nachtgnbach

Captain Nachtgnbach 

Cape; ibhayi worn by unmarried girls for umemulo ceremony from eMabomvini clan area of uMsinga, 1989

Cape; ibhayi cloth with chocolate eclairs sweets in wrappers in cross-form on back. Worn by unmarried girl during uMemulo ceremony in the Mabomvini clan area of uMsinga

Cape; ibhayi cloth worn by married women from Dondotho area of Mandini, Zululand c1989s

Cape black cloth with fringe edge and plastic beading. Worn by married women in the Dondotho clan area of Mandini, Zululand c1980s

Cape; beaded square rag(isigubuzelo) worn by amaqhikiza during uMemulo ceremony, from eMabomvini, uMsinga area

Cape, very small beaded square (isigubuzelo) worn by over the main cape by senior girls or amaqhikiza who have boyfriends, in order to respect the boyfriend's family, it worn at umemulo(coming of age) ceremony, from eMabomvini clan, uMsinga 1989.

Cape-Dutch style house and garden


Unlabelled photograph

Description: Early twentieth-century.


Karl Robert Brueckner papers (KCM 91/2) ;

File 7 (KCM 91/2/7) ;

Sheet 1



Cape Town, Ariel cableway and lion's head

Aerial cableway and lion's head, Cape Town

Cape town and devils peak

View of Cape Town and Devils peak

Cape Town

Cape Town, 1876


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