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Lion Cover

Fur front apron for Zulu men (isinene)

Lion Cover

Fur front apron for Zulu men (isinene)

Lion Cover

Backskinor ibheshu for Zulu male

Lines of people on the footpaths

(Lines of people on the footpaths.)

Col. Neg. sheet 24 1B

B/W Neg. sheet 427 5A

LIne of worriors

WCP 1050 Line of warriors approaching from right to Zulu homestead on left, seated group and others in foreground.

Line of the worriors approaching a chief and in homestead

WCP 969

Line of Saracens with military personnel

(Line of Saracens with military personnel.)

Col. Neg. sheet 20 4A

B/W Neg. sheet 423 5A

lindley, Newton Adams 1841-1878

D. Lindley's son.

Lindley, Lucia Virginia Allen, 1810-1977

Lindley, Lucia Virginia Allen, 1810-1877

Lindley, Daniel, 1801-1880 (fifth from left)

Lindley, Daniel with friends (fifth from left)

Lindley, Daniel, 1801-1880

Lindley, Daniel, 1801-1880

Lina Tamana

The Pedi girl child wears the traditional forked rear skirt and of goat skin and the apron of red ochred string and twisted fibres.

Lina Mtsweni

Ndebele from Middleburg area wears heavier necklaces, bracelets and anklets. Red and blue still being favourite colours. Head may be shaved to a variety of patterns. 

Lina Molahlehi

Lina Molahlehi - Butha Buthe - Basutoland

A woman's blanket is always pinned on the chest as opposed to the man's, which is usually pinned on the right shoulder. 

Lime Kiln bay

Lime kiln bay and Lion's head, Cape Town

Likishi Dancer

LIKISHI - Lozi Circumcision School 

Lighthouses, Durban

Durban Lighthouse

Lighthouses, Durban

Lighthouse, Durban

Lighthouse donkin reserve

Lighthouse Donkin reserve. Port Elizabeth

Lighthouse and Bluff, Durban

Lighthouse and Bluff, Durban, Ntal


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