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A redish coloured wood with a long plain body.It has a white carved head handle with two ears, eyes and beak like mouth. Possibly from Zulu or Pongola

Stick - Zulu

Long thin stick with carved figure of a Zulu man as handle

Stick - Zulu

Walking stick with carved baboon




 Craft stick whip

Still life with pot and mask

Still life with pots and mask

Stinkwood Chair - Slat back

Cape 19th century stinkwood slat back chair

Stinkwood Cheval Mirror

Stinkwood cheval mirror with barley twist posts. Cabriole legs with brass claws and has two candle sticks.

Stinkwood Sofa Table

Stinkwood sofa table (Side flaps) on shaped side supports, curved legs ending in brass feet, fitted two drawers, Regency style. 

Stock exchange

Johannesburg stock exchange

Stone Brigadier-General -General

 Sone Brigadier General Francis Gleadawe

Stone carving of hippo

Stone carving of hippo. Greytown school. 6.9.1960

Stone carving of man on horseback by Michael Xaba

Stone carving of man on horseback by Michael Xaba, 15 years old. Std VI Caluza School. Illus XVIX in Grossert, J.W. Art Education and Zulu Craft, Pietermaritzburg; Shuter and Shooter, 1986. VOL1

Stone carving of mouse eating corn-ear by Albert Ndlovu

Stone carving of mouse eating corn-ear by Albert Ndlovu of Paulpietersburg.

Stone carving of woman and child. KwaMagwaza Bantu School

Stone carving of women and child. KwaMagwaza Bantu School. Illus. XXXV pg. 371, J.W. 'Art Education and Zulu Craft' Pietermaritzburg; Shuter and Shooter, 1968. vol.1.

Stone crescent hotel

Stone crescent hotel

Stone cutters, Lesotho


Handwritten label on page: "Basuto stone cutters" / "Tailleurs de pierres"


Ramseyer/ Kruger family papers (KCM 96/2) ;

File 28 ;

Page 19b


Stone sculpture of Zulu woman. Greytown school show, 6.9.1962

Stone sculpture of Zulu woman. Greytown

Stone sculptures

Stone sculptures.



 Stool wooden carved


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