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NUSAS Press Release No. 4, 1967

NUSAS press bulletin on the 1967 National Day of Affirmation of Academic and Human Freedom in South Africa.

NUSAS Press Release

NUSAS Press release regarding developments and plans for the National Union of South African Students and a confirmation of a special congress to complete the reassessment of the Union.

NUSAS Press Digest, Number 4, 1967

NUSAS Press Digest, number 4, 1967. A compilation of press reports and editorial comments during July, August and September, 1967 on the banning order placed on Dr Raymond (Bill) Hoffenberg.

NUSAS Press Digest, Number 1, 1969

A compilation of press reports and comments on events at Fort Hare University College during 1968, and an historical background of the College from 1916 to 1948.

NUSAS Press Bulletin

Press statements issued by Paul Pretorius, President of the National Union of South African Students, and Geoff Budlender on behalf of the Students Representative Council at the University of Cape Town, about the planned

NUSAS bannings condemned

Articles in the Cape Times reporting on the condemnation by several leading figures of the banning of eight office bearers of the National Union of South African Students. People quoted on the banning include Colin Eglin, Sir Richard Luyt and Sonny Leon. Also an editorial on the issue.

NUSAS motion

This article discusses things that the National Assembly notes as problems for South African Students. It also discusses strategies that were suggested as the solutions for their problems.

NUM, FEDTRAW, rural, parliament and miscellaneous

Different articles on NUM, as Anglo American Corporation yesterday appeal to the National Union of Mines workers to resume talks aimed at ending then two-week old gold and coal miners strike, article regarding Federation of Transvaal Women (FEDTRAW) did not just celebrate the 1956 womens's protes

New year message of the United Democratic Front: December 1987

Press release from the United Democratic Front with a new year message in which the United Democratic Front salutes courage bravery and determination of the victims of apartheid and those still struggling for a democratic, non-racial and unitary South Africa.

Neither I nor Young did plan the march: says student leader

This press statement, signed by the Chairman, relates to misunderstading regarding the organisers of a march during the visit of Andrew Young, the United States ambassador to the United Nations

Negotiations: a strategic perspective

Statement by the African National Congress on negotiations as adopted by the National Executive Committee on 25 November 1992.

Nature and extent of the SADF's involvement in the Angolan conflict

Press release issued by Defence Headquarters in Pretoria regarding South Africa's involvement in Angola. Included is a statement issued by the Chairman of the Apartheid Committee on 24 February 1977 in response to the press release.


Natal Indian Association Deputation

N.I.C. - Natal Indian Congress newspaper cuttings in 1989

N.I.C. - Natal Indian Congress newspaper cuttings in 1989

Motion: We, members of the University of Cape Town

The members of the University of Cape Town express concern at the direction in which South African society is heading and express solidarity with people suffering from the humiliation and oppression engendered by the social system.

Map showing all the areas for various race groups in Durban

Group Areas Map

Mandela's full reply to President Botha's offer

Nelson Mandela's response to P W Botha's conditional offer of freedom made in Parliament. Published in the Rand Daily Mail, Monday, February 11, 1985.

Letters to the Editor at the Daily News

Letters to the Editor at the Daily News

Kwa-Natal Indaba

Article regarding Kwa-Natal Indaba as it met to plan tactics and tie up crucial loose ends in the face of dicouraging government reaction to its proposals, in the latest setback, constitutional development minister Mr Chris Heunis has emphasised that he gave no assurance that a refendum would def

Joint Statement from the ANC, UDF and COSATU

Joint statement published in an ERIP booklet entitled Negotiations: fighting with new weapons. Statement is the text of the official report of a meeting in Lusaka, Zambia, dealing with key issues facing the struggle.


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