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Squatters at Bushman's River big headache

Press article about the growing number of squatters at Bushman's River village

Soweto Students Representative Council: Press Statement 4th November 1976

A press statement confirming the stand by all students and youth of Soweto and other areas of the country that sales of any kind of liquour, including from shebeens, remain banned

Sebe assured of Whittlesea

Press article on a meeting held by Ciskei Chief Minister L L Sebe and Deputy Minister of Plural Relations, Dr W Vosloo discussing matters relating to the resettlement of people at Whittlesea and Glenmore

SACC Press release: Promotion of Orderly Internal Politics Bill

Press release issued by the South African Council of Churches about the gazetting of the Promotion of Orderly Internal Politics Bill, legislation which effectively banned 17 organisations, individuals and many activists aimed at bringing non-violent change in South Africa

Repression of the United Democratic Front under state of attack

Article on repression of the United Democratic Front under the state of attack as President Botha said the month saw increased government response to the United Democratic Front, both in words and in action, security forces maintain their presence in the townships, draconian laws still exists and

Remarks by Rev Frank Chikane at press conference held in Pretoria

Press statement containing remarks by Rev Frank Chikane at the press conference held in Pretoria after he and Archbishop Tutu and Rev Boesak met with President De Klerk.

Press statement of the National Executive Committee of the African National Congress

Press statement of the National Executive Committee of the African National Congress reporting on a meeting held in Lusaka, Zambia, in March 1990, regarding the situation since the release of Nelson Mandela. Calls for other political prisoners to be released.

Press statement from the South African Catholic Bishops' Conference

Press statement by Bishop Reginald Orsmond, SACBC Acting President on behalf of the SACBC Administrative Board against the violation of human rights in South Africa.

Press Statement concerning the transition in Mozambique: riots, rallies etc

A press statement issued by SASO on the independance of Mozambique

Press Statement by the Hon. the Minister of the Interior(Mr H G Lawrence, K.C.)

A meeting took place on Sunday the 24th between the Hon. the Minister of the Interior and the representatives of the Durban City Council and the Natal Indian Association who constitute the Lawrence Committee

Press release to the Rand Daily Mail

The Black People's Convention press release, signed by Nkwenkwe Nkomo, National Organiser, states that the convention has been mandated by Black people to utilise all available resources to achieve liberation for Black people in Azania.

Press release issued following the Mariannhill Conference held on 1-3 December 1968.

The press release provides reasons for establishing a national student organisation (SASO) South African Students Organisation..



Press cuttings-repression of youth

Article on repression of youth regarding repression of students in 1984 as over 50 students were detained, an article on Sowetan regarding fun run to launch the International year of the youth in Soweto that has been organised by a community organisation in the same month, an artilcle on Sowetan

Plan for township scrapped

Press article about the scrapping of plans to develop a consolidated African township at Klipfontein, a farm near Bushman's River Mouth for Africans from Boknes, Kenton on Sea, Bushman&'s River Mouth, Cannon Rocks.

Perspectives on the current situation: ANC view

African National Congress statement on the current political situation in South Africa, presented to a meeting of the Five Freedoms Forum.

Paris sanctions conference hears African National Congress of South Africa

ANC press release regarding a statement by Oliver R Tambo, ANC President, to the International Conference on sanctions against South Africa. States that sanctions should not be seen as a way of reforming apartheid, but rather as a weapon against the apartheid government.

Off-the-record statement by Minister R F Botha at a meeting between the Minister and representatives of the South African media in Washington on 16 May 1981

Press statement by Minister Pik Botha about US/South Africa relations and policy. Nuclear matters were also mentioned.

NUSAS Press Release: Behind the scenes activity in the last three months...

Press release issued by the NUSAS Chairperson, Neville Curtis, listing achievements and detailing future plans ahead of the 46th Annual Congress in June/July 1970

NUSAS Press Release No. 5, 1967

Press release by the NUSAS President and Vice-President of the National Union of South African Students stating the opposition of the Union to the Terrorism Bill that had been tabled in the South African Houses of Parliament.


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