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Dr Neil Agget - Family and Friends - Press cuttings

Press cuttings of the family and friends of Dr Neil Agget

Dr Neil Agget - Funeral - Press cutting

Dr Neil Agget - Funeral - Press cutting

Dr Neil Agget - Inquest on the Death - Press cutting

Dr Neil Agget - Newspaper cuttings

Dr Neil Agget - Press cuttings. Death in Detention

Death in Detention

Eloquent novel of South Africa
Facts which must be faced

Newspaper articles relating to Group Areas Act - Daily News Special Representation

Father Cosmas Desmond And Peter Wellman

Father Cosmas Desmond And Peter Wellman

A MAN today refuses to give evidence that might have been used in a possible prosecution of Father Patrick Anthonv ("Cosmas") Desmond."

First night at the: Lost in the Stars
Genius tells story of negro
Grim view of family life in S. Africa
He has captured great legends - Sabapathy, Collin

A Leading South African Indian artist hopes that one day his work will be as valuable as that of world renowned artists Van Gogh and Michelangelo ..

Heart of the Dark Continent
Hela Hela valley

First photograph shows the Umkomass river from the valley and is the white farm land

In combat

Collection of press articles compiled by the African National Congress, Department of Information and Publicity to reflect reporting by the official press of the ANC in combat. Note that the articles are not very legible.

In darkest Johannesburg
In the service of South Africa
In the soil are life and death
Indenture Conditions (Indian Patriot, April 1909)

Indian Patriot

India has the right to intervene

Newspaper article in the Leader newspaper

Indian Commerce

Newspaper articles on Indian business


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