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Traditional wedding of Mr. Dungwa and Ms MaMajola, eNgolela, uMkhomaas

Traditional wedding of Mr. Dungwa and  Ms MaMajola, eNgolela, uMkhomaas

Tribal Life: Xhosa Woman

Xhosa woman with a smoking pipe, while carrying chickens on her head.

Unions, United Democratic Front plan mass resistance campaign

Weekly Mail article regarding mass resistance campaign planned by unions and UDF.

United Anti-Fascist Rally

FIGHT - Gestapo and Ghetto Bills

Various Phamplets on racism

Life histories of families resettled at Waaihoek, Natal after forced removals and evictions. These families were evicted from Stendahl Mission near Weenen and the Sun Valley Estates which surrounded the Stendahl Mission.

We are at war!

Pamphlet issued by the African National Congress in order to rally support for armed struggle

West Indian Gramophone Records in Britain: 1927-1950
Where do we stand?: APDUSA and a nation free of race hatred and oppression

APDUSA shows concern in how the Herrenvolk and the Broederbond, and particularly in the Western province, attempts to split-up the Non-Whites into various groups with their own policeman-chiefs.

White immigration to South Africa

Discussion about corporate guilt and corporate responsibility which prevails with regard to White immigration to South Africa from a Christian perspective

Who is Nelson Mandela: standing for the truth campaign

This is a pamphlet about family and educational background of Nelson Mandela. It also consists of information about the ANCYL, the defiance campaign, the treason trial, Umkhonto we Sizwe, and the reasons why Nelson Mandela's release is an issue for Christians.

Why do millions of workers reject "Workers Day" and instead celebrate "May Day"?

A pamphlet issued by NUSAS/ERC looks at the rejection by South Africa's largest trade union federation COSATU of the government declared Workers Day on the first Friday of May instead, demanding to celebrate the internationally proclaimed public holiday known as May Day.

Why should I vote for the ANC?

Pamphlet produced by the ANC Cape Town Central Branch, for the 1994 elections.

Wire bus by Ben Mathopa, 12 years old. Sub B Brandfort O.F.S

Wire bus by Ben Mathopa, 12 years old . Sub B Brandfort, O.F.S, 26.5.1961

Youth Festival held by Chatsworth IYY Committee
Zulu Homestead

WCP 1051 Zulu homestead on the right with group of seated people in the semi circle, watching two dance groups. during the wedding of the chiefs son.

Zulu taxi driver, uMsinga, 1991

Zulu taxi driver, uMsinga, 1991


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