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Memorandum presented by the Newcastle Ratepayers Association to the Broome Commission

Vol.71 File 527(13) N 2715

The Union of South Africa have accepted the fact that the Indians in South Africa are part of the permanent population of the country....



Memo for the General Purpose Committee. Indian Penetration into European Areas

At the Associations 31st Annual Conference held at Newcastle the delegates representing the City of Pietermaritzburg urged the immediate pressing for legisalation on the above subject or.....

The Indian Question: Repatriation

Councillor A.L. Barns, on his return from New York, where he had attended the recent meeting of the General Assembly of the United Nations as an onlooker of the Natal Municipal Association, addressed a meeting of the Durban Joint Wards Committee on the 3rd Januaryl 1947......

Thornton Commission Report

Enquiry into Sanitary and Housing Conditions of Indians in and around Durban

Natal Indian Congress Indian Penetration Commission

The Provincial Administration under cover of the letter dated the 16th instant has forwarded for the assent of his Royal Highness the Governor General under Section 90 of the South Africa Act and Ordinance.....

Memorandum to the members of the Indian and Pakistan delegations attending the Preliminary discussions with the Government of the South Africa

There are so many forces bearing upon race relations all over the world that one of the greatest dangers to a local problem is to move it from its context on to the world stage where often happens that it is lost or submerged in the larger issues....

Memorandum on the Position of Indians in the Union of South Africa submitted to the United Nations

The existence of the Indian population in South Africa is not the result of any forcible or illegal entry of Indians into that country. It is, on the other hand, the result of organised emigration mutually agreed upon between the Goy.ernment of India and the Government of Natal.

Memorandum of the Natal Indian Association

In conformity with your wishes as manifested by the Terms of Reference there was honest and in many cases successful attempt of the part of the representatives of the Association on the Lawrence Committee to dissuade Indians from purchasing properties in what are regarded as predominantly Europea

Letter from the Natal Indian Congress to the City Council

Re : Alleged Indian Penetration

We wrote to you on the 23rd ultimo and forwarded certain resolutions and declarations of policy. We have your acknowledgement dated 26th ultimo....


The City Council's representatives upon the Joint Committee will observe that there has been included in the agenda of the first meeting, as the second item of the Committee's business, the item "Arrangement of Procedure etc."

Memorandum to the Town Clerk / Lawrence Committee : Memorandum By Natal Indian Association

I have examined very carefully the memorandum submitted by the Natal Indian Association on the 29th May last upon which the Council members of the Lawrence Committee have so far been unable to come to any decision.....

Memorandum from the Natal Indian Association to the Durban City Council

Your letter of the 18th .March, 1941, addressed to Mr. S. Rustomjee of the Natal Indian Association has been referred to me. I have been asked to reply to same by the Natal Associations' representatives on the Lawrence Committee.

Memorandum by the submitted by the Representatives of the Natal Indian Association on the Lawrence Committee

The Lawrence Committee was inaugurated on the 14th.

Memorandum by Indian Representatives on Lawrence Committee in regard to Provision of choice residential sites

The Lawrence Committee was inaugurated on the 14th March 1940 as a result of the visit of the Minister of Interior the Hon.

Memorandum for the Lawrence Committee to Judicial Commission dated 29 July 1940


Re : Indian Penetration Commission

As requested in your letter of 21st instant I now attach hereto a copy of the Memorandum by the Lwarence Committee to the Chairman......

Memorandum for the Lawrence Committee. Specific Cases dated 16 April 1940

From time to time The Lawrence Committee has dealt with cases of intended acquisitions by Indians in predominantly European areas. Details of these cases are set out hereunder :

Memorandum for the Lawrence Committee. Revised list of specific cases under and awaiting investigation

Revised List of Specific Cases under and waiting Investigation

Memorandum to the Chairman and members of the Judicial Commission appointed by his Excellence the Governor General....

Memorandum to the Chairman and members of the Judicial Commission appointed by his Excellence the Governor General....

Your Secretary has requested me to furnish to you a comprehensive report upon the findings of The Lawrence Committee.

Memorandum to the Town Clerk dated 1st May 1940

The Town Clerk will recollect that on Saturday, 27th ultimo, Mr. Geake, the Principal Immigration Officer called at this office and was taken by me to the Town Clerk. Mr.

Memorandum to the Town Clerk

Memorandum to the Town Clerk

re: Lawrence Committee : Letter from the Principal Immigration Officer.

I have considered the letter from the Principal Immigartion Officer of the 28th ultimo



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