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Priority requirements for January 1980 - December 1980

List of priority requirements for Solomon Mahlangu Freedom College for the period January to December 1980.

Problems of the Congress Movement

A memorandum regarding the African National Congress position in the liberation struggle in South Africa with a call for the strengthening of inter-Congress co-operation at all levels

Project budget convering contribution from donor

Annexure 1 of the African National Congress (ANC) project document for the proposed Vocational Training Centre in Dakawa.

Proposals for a National Front

Memorandum from the African National Congress Constitutional Committee putting forward proposals for a National Front. Concerned with the question of how to ensure that the government of a liberated South Africa will carry out the will of the people.

Proposals to restructure the National Working of the NEC for its effective functioning

Draft proposals to restructure the National Working Committee of the National Executive Committee for its effective functioning.

Proposed Ordinance to replace the Pegging Act

Proposed Ordinance to replace the Pegging Act

Public opinion research for the United Party
Putting the Black Renaissance Convention into correct perspective

A memorandum in response to "biased", mainly press, reports of the Black Renaissance Convention

Recommendation Letter of the Natal Indian Congress to the Durban City Council

The Town Clerk

City Hall

The publication in the Natal Mercury on Saturday 20th December 1941 of certain recommendations by the Council's representatives.....

Report of the four working groups of the consultation of the World Alliance of Reformed Churches South Africa region

Memorandum containing the report of the four working groups of the consultation of the World Alliance of Reformed Churches South Africa region on the church and social responsibility, and exctract from some of the memorandum submited by the member of the church for consideration at the consultati

Request on the release of political prisoners

Request made by the Japanese government repeatedly seeks from the South African government a release of all political prisoners including Nelson Mandela, and urges the South African Government to make an accelerated effort in bringing about negotiated settlement through talks.

Resolution and Memorandum to the United Nations Organisation

Natal Indian Organisation

Resolution and Memorandum

Review of the state of organisation of the Liberation Movement

Extract from an unknown document. A review of the organisation of the Movement within South Africa and beyond the borders

Rule of security defence and code of conduct: Introduction - let us defend our ANC and our people

Memorandum, possibly compliled by Joe Slovo, about the rule of security defence and code of conduct for ANC. Note that the document is barely legible.

SACP contribution towards an election manifesto

South African Communist Party (SACP) draft discussion document on the election manifesto. Contextualises the elections for a Constituent Assembly, discusses what the election manifesto should encompass and outlines outstanding strategic issues.

Scholarship Report - Zambia

List of African National Congress (ANC) students in Zambia including names, school, course and sponsor.

Second Indian Penetration Commission
Solomon Mahlangu Freedom College: Curriculum Vitae of teaching staff

List of teaching staff at Solomon Mahlangu Freedom College and their qualifications, experience and subjects offered during the period May to July 1981.

Some thoughts on penetration

The object of this short memorandum is the interpretation of some of the factual material presented....

South African Students Movement's History

In 1971 some high school and secondary school students came together and formed the African Student Movement (ASM), later becoming the South African Students Movement (SASM). The article traces the develoment of the SASM.


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