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A memorandum on the compound labour conditions in agriculture - Bethal District
A minimum wage for workers within the lower income group
Addendum to Draft Memorandum to all Town Clerks of the Province of Natal

Dear Sir,

Further to my circular letter of December 27 1935, in which you were asked to join the Co-operative movement of influencing your Parliamentary representative to take a personal interest in this question, more vital to Natal than any other Province.

Addendum to Memorandum to the Honourable Minister of Community Development of Removal of the restriction of developnment in Grey Street Complex
Addendum to the Memorandum on the Position of Indians in the Union of South Africa

Documents Constituting the Pretoria Agreement of 1944

Addendum to the Memorandum on the Position of Indians in the Union of South Africa

Correspondence between between General Smuts and Mr Gandhi

An analysis of the interim report of the Commission of Inquiry

An analysis of the Schlebusch Commission of Inquiry, including the establishment of the Commission and the operation of the Commission. Incomplete document.

Appointment of Commission of Enquiry into Indian Penetration
B P C Organisation

A memorandum presented by Mosibudi Mangena at a meeting of the NEC and Chairmen of BPC Branches, held in Braamfontein, on 9 June 1973, outlining the organisational structure of the Black Peoples Convention.

B.P.C. Leadership Training

Memorandum by the Black Peoples Convention supporting and promoting leadership training

Banning and intimidation: list of recommended tactics

SASO memorandum deals with proposed methods of infiltration into schools, religious bodies and other organisations; how to deal with infiltration into SASO and how to deal with bannings and other forms of intimidation. List was seized by police at the SASO office in Durban on 17 May 1973.

Black Consciousness

Background to the Black Consciousness Movement and an overview of the development of the South African Students Organisation (SASO). Prepared for defence in Mayekiso trial, late 1980s

Black Consciousness and the role of the Black woman

Discussion on the meaningful role of the Black woman within the Black Consciousness Movement in the struggle for national liberation.

Black People's Convention: Blueprint of the proposed educational policy

Memorandum discussing the BPC educational guidelines to develop Black Consciousness and national unity while eliminating racism and tribalism

Black Peoples Convention: Home education service project

Ouline of a project to promote adult literacy among Blacks in South Africa. Iincludes a budget.

Black Universities in South Africa

The historical background to the development of Black Universities is outlined.

Christian institute memorandum on alternative policies

This is the Christian Institute memorandum on alternative policies in South Africa, April 1977.

City Treasurer's Department to the Natal Indian Judicial Commission

Re: Natal Indian Judicial Commission

With reference to your latter of the 8th instant enclosing copy of preliminary statement submitted to the above Commission....

City Valuator and Estates Manager letter

In reply to your letter of the 27th ultimo, forwarding copy of Memorandum dated the 22nd , idem submitted by the Moosa Hajee Cassim Charitable Trust to the Commission', I have to advise as follows :


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