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Suggested Grant in Aid for registration of Anti-Asiatic Clause upon certain Corporation Housing Schemes

We note that the Applicant Associations application is stated to be based on paragraph XIII of Sub-section....


Suggested Solutions for the Durban situation - 1943
Sundry Correspondence


Sundry correspondence 1947
  • Report dated 11th January 1947 - Meeting between Congress Representatives and Members of the Executive of the African Tenants and Peasants Association.
  • Letter dated 12th April 1947 - Grants for Indian Schools
  • Letter dated 8th December 1947 - Re: Amenties Sub Committee
Supreme Court Correspondence

Broome J : In July last this Court granted a rule calling upon the City Council of Durban and all other interested persons to show cause why the Registrar....

Telegram from J van Dalsen, Director-General, Foreign Affairs and Information, South Africa, to His Excellency, Col Sergio Vieira, Minister of Agriculture, Mozambique

Telegram from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Information, South Africa, to the Minister of Agriculture, Mozambique, reporting that in light of sabotage attacks on Government offices in Bloenfontein, allegedly by ANC members operating from Mozambique, it would be inappropriate for a South A

Telegram from the Secretary of the State for the Colonies to the Governor General in Cape Town

Secreatry of State for India asks that following personal message from himself may be comminicated to General Smuts.....

Telegram to the Governor-General Dated 12 Feb 1927

I gladly avail myself of the opportunity afforded by return to India of our delegation to recent round table Conference at Cape Town to thank Your Excellency personally and your Ministers for great courtesy...

Viceroy, Government, Indian, Ministers

Telegram van H Leer

Telegram, bearing the stamp of the Secretariate, State Security Council, Pretoria, about recent unrest incidents around South Africa, with numbers of unrest incidents reported in the various provinces. Some text has been blacked out.

Telex from Col Sergio Vieira, Minister of Agriculture, Mozambique, to His Excellency, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Cape Town

Translation of a telex sent from the Minister of Agriculture, Mozambique, to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, South Africa, with regard to the alleged involvement of the South African authorities in criminal and terrorist actions against the Peoples' Republic of Mozambique

Text of Talk to Maritzburg Rotary

Text of Talk to Maritzburg Rotary

Text of telex received from Rev Frank Chikane

Telex from Rev Frank Chikane, General Secretary of the South African Council of Churches to the National Council of the Churches of Christ in the USA, October 9, 1987 about the South African Council of Churches position on sanctions.

Thabo Mbeki's neo-liberal state of the nation address
The Broome Commission - List of Articles

South African Indian life beginning towards the latter half of the nineteenth century on the basis of the indentured male worker,had become strongly family centred at the beginning of the twentieth century....

The Honourable the Minister of Public Health

Enquiry into Santiary and Housing conditions of Indians in and around Durban

The Indian Problem

The Indian Problem

Nationalist election tactics have kindly been expounded for us by Malan himself in 1944....


The International League for the Rights of Man

The International League for the Rights of Man

The Notice of Motion - Natal Indian Association

That the City Council instructed the General Purposes Committee

The Occupation Control Ordinance - The Petition

Your Petitioners are the elected representatives in the sphere of the local government of the City of Durban....


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