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Natal Indian Congress first conference - Presidential Address

Swami Bhawani Dayal address at the N.I.C. conference

Welcome speech by Mr A I Kajee

Mr Mayor, Mr President and friends

Natal Indian Congress - Standing orders for Conference

Order of Business

Natal Indian Congress first annual conference


Natal Indian Congress - First Annual Conference


Presidential Address 20th September 1974


Natal Indian Presidential Address 26 March 1976

Adress and Conference

Presidential Address and Opening of Conference


Natal Indian Congress Conferences

N.I.C. Conference

Natal Indian Congress conference resolution

N.I.C Resolution

Presidential Address delivered by Mr Sorabjee Rustomjee, President of the South African Indian Congressat the Emergency Conference held in Johannesburg

SIAC Conference - 31st December 1931 till 1 January 1932

Presidential address to South Africa Indian Congress by Mr A Christopher

President of the South African Indian Congress at the Emergency Conference

Report of deputation to J C Smuts

 President and members......

South African Indian Congress Conference held in Durban on the 17th, 18th and 19th September 1948

This Eighteenth session of the South African Indian Congress meets only a few months after the holding of the General.....

Opening Address by Chief Albert J Luthuli, President-General, African National Congress to the 22nd Bennial Conference of the South African Indian Congress meeting at Gandhi Hall.

Once again another biennial conf erence is upon you.....

Presidential address of Dr G M Naicker acting President of the South African Indian Congress to the twenty-second Conference of the South African Indian Congress

Presidentail Address

SAIC Emergency conference - 6th session held at Durban 6th and 7th December 1926

South African Indian Council Conference papers

Indian Opinion Souvenir of the South African Indian Congress

South African Indian Congress

The Dispossession of Africa's Wealth
Death in Black and White : Suicide, Statistics and Race in Natal , 1880-1916

Indenture, Indians, Natal, Race, Suicide, Black and White, Colonial state, Taboo


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