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Africa Groups of Sweden

As part of the national celebrations to mark the decade of freedom, the Documentation Centre and the Campbell Collections of the University of KwaZulu-Natal will jointly host a conference of the International Anti-Apartheid Movement over three days in Durban from 10 - 13 October, 2004.  The confe

African literature association 1997 conference

A 23rd Annual Conference of the African Literature Association hosted by Michigan State University East Lansing, Michigan on April 16-19, 1997. Under the theme, "FESPACO Nights in Michigan: African Film and Literature."


Ohio State University Center for African Studies,host the twenty-first annual conference of the African Literature
Association of North America

African Literature Association 28th Annual Conference - African Diasporas: Ancestors, Migrations and Boundaries, 2002.

African Literature Association held their 28th Annual Conference. The theme of the conference was 'African Diasporas: Ancestors, Migrations and Boundaries that took place at the University of California, San Diego on April 3-7, 2002.

African literature association, 21st Annual Conference

African Literature Association held their 21st Annual Conference under theme, "The Postcolonial Condition", which took place at the Holiday Inn Crowne Plaza; Columbus, Ohio from March 15-19, 1995 

African Nationa Congress 53rd National Conference Resolution
African National Congress (S.A.): Directive on the nature of the forthcoming conference

An outline of the outcomes expected from the fourth African National Congress Conference

African National Congress - ANC approach towards 2014 general elections
African National Congress Consultative Conference: Speeches and Resolutions

Speeches and resolutions from the African National Congress Consultative Conference in Johannesburg, December 14-16, 1990.


22-24 March 2013 "Building A New Cadre - A Pillar For The Second Phase Of The Revolution"

African population, employment and incomes on farms outside the reserves, 1923 - 1969

This study is a ccrnpanion to my'Agricultural Production in the African Reserves of South Africa, 1918-1969, and wherever possible uses the same methods. In neither study is …

African Schools in the Western Cape: Conference Paper presented at the Black Sash National Conference 1978

African Schools in the Western Cape - Conference Paper presented at the Black Sash National Conference on 16 March 1978 discussing education, Bantu Education Department, race relations, job opportunities and employment for school-leavers, schools boycott, unrest.

Afro-American influences on the Black Conciousness Movement

This paper gives an overview of the relationship and differences between Black Consciousness and the civil rights struggle by African Americans

Agenda Book - Eight Annual Provincial Conference held in Durban on the 25th 26th and 27 March 1955


Agenda Book - Fifth Annual Provincial Conference held on the 29th and 30th SEPT and 1st OCT 1951


Agenda Book - Fourth Annual Provincial Conference - 30 September and 1st and 2nd October 1950


Agenda Book - Ninth Annual Provincial Conference held at Durban on 22nd, 23rd and 24th June 1956


Agenda Book - Second Provincial Conference held on the 29th, 30th and 31st May 1948


Agenda Book - Sixth Annual Provincial Conference held at Durban on 21st and 22nd February 1953


Agenda Book - Third Annual Provincial Conference - 24th 25th and 26th June 1949

Agenda Book - NIC


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