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Legitimacy and struggle

Chapter addressing the question of violence and non-violence as an issue for churches in South Africa.

Legislation and race relations: a summary of the main South African laws which affect race relations

This book provides a summary of the main South African laws which affect race relations. Acts from 1909 to 1948 include among others those relating to political rights, Africans in the urban areas, the African Reserves, housing and immorality.


Shamil Jeppie's book tells a fascinating story about a small but significant Durban-based Muslim organization that grappled with the compatibility between Islam and modernity.

Kathiawad Hindu Samaj(Natal)

SOME seventy-five years ago, a small band of intrepid men, born of the hardy soil of that small corner of India, known as Kathiawad, re-named Saurashtra and now forming part of the new State of Gujarat, came to the shores of South Africa.

June 26: South Africa Freedom Day

ANC booklet containing an appeal for solidarity with the liberation struggle.

Joining The ANC
John L. Dube and the Politics of Segregated Education in South Africa
Izikhali zanamuhla; ilotshwe ngu R.R.R. Dhlomo, imifanekiso idwetshwe ngu Gerald Bhengu



insight into the trials and tribulations of indentured  Indian immigration. One has to concur with the general thrust of the endorsements this work
has received from the academic community. It is a work of immense dimension and detail …

Inligting gids vir SWAPO kiesers

Booklet containing the information guide for voters of SWAPO general comments regarding the election procedure.

Indians South Africans

Indians in South Africa

Indian People in Natal

THE FIELD MATERIAL on which this book is written, w~ collected in Durban, in the Province of Natal, the smallest of the four provinces of the Union of South Africa.

Indian Pentecostalism: A Hindu Assessment

This is a significant study with in South Africa's religious and inter-religious context. It is based on empirical research which makes it, from this perspective , one of the rare documents reflecting on the methods used and the consequences of proselytization .

Indian Buses : The History, the Memories, the Personalities

With the recent 150-year celebrations of the arrival of Indians in South Africa many people were remembered and honoured for their contribution to Indian South African culture. In my opinion the same people, personalities, who come to the fore are mentioned continuously when...

Indian Art selected items from Private Collections in Durban 1988

This catalogue is intended as a preliminary step towards an eventually more complete account of Indian art in private collections in South Africa.

Indenture and Indianness in South Africa, 1860–1913

Beginning in the mid-19th century, about 1.3 million Indian contract labourers were exported to Mauritius, Jamaica, British Guiana, Trinidad, St Lucia, Granada and Natal to satisfy the demand for labour that was both cheap and docile (Meer 1980: 3).

In whose defence?: Conscription and the SADF

An illustrated booklet on the history and propaganda surrounding conscription in South Africa. Includes the End Conscription Campaign (ECC) declaration entitled Towards a Just Peace.

In defence of the African image and heritage

ANC booklet issued as a reply to the Central Committee of the South African Communist Party statement entitled The enemy under the same colour. From an African National Congress breakaway group against the South African Communist Party and Oliver Tambo.

Imperialist conspiracy in Africa

This book contains a collection of selected articles by I B Tabata, the president of the Unity Movement of South Africa.


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