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Apartheid: hope or despair for Blacks?

This book contains a collection of essays entitled: Bantustans, The Coloured Persons Representative Council and Government Created Platforms

Black Renaissance: Papers from the Black Renaissance Convention, December 1974

Papers presented at the Black Renaissance Convention: The educational world of Blacks in South Africa; The Christian challenge of Black Theology; Towards the practical manifestations of Black Consciousness; The Black women in South Africa; Black Consciousness and the economic position; The labou

Handbook of Black Organisations

Handbook containing extensive information about Black cultural,educational, political, professional, religious, self-help, student, welfare and youth organisations

Transkei independence

The book contain a series of essays on the issue of the Transkei independence.

"Are there South Africans?"

The twentieth Alfred and Hoernle Memorial Lecture delivered by Sir Keith Hancock in which the title of his talk questions the integrative or disintegrative trend of politics including the elements of South African life.

A 70th Birthday Tribute to Oliver Tambo

Booklet to mark Oliver Tambo's 70th birthday.

A distant clap of thunder: Fortieth anniversary of the 1946 mine strike: A Salute by the South African Communist Party to South Africa's Black Mine Workers

Booklet to commemorate the 1946 Miners Strike: "A distant clap of thunder". Fortieth anniversary of the 1946 mine strike. The booklet gives a detailed narrative of events, including photos

A I Kajee His Work for the SA Indian Community

I first met Abdulla Kajee on the quay at Durban in July, 1929, when I stepped off a British India steamer at the end of a long journey. Fresh from the rural life of northern India, South African Indians and their complex problems seemed to me strange and a little alarming.

A survey of race relations in South Africa: 1951-1952

A survey of race relations in South Africa in 1952 and includes chapters on: The functioning of South Africa's sovereign Parliament; International affairs and events outside the Union; Rising tensions in South Africa and work to help resolve these; General South African affairs; Urban areas; Rura

A survey of race relations in South Africa: 1953-1954

Survey of race relations in South Africa in 1953 and 1954 and includes chapters on: Politics and attitudes; The plans and activities of non-European organizations and those working in collaboration with them; General work making for improved race relations; Events ouside the Union with bearing on

A survey of race relations in South Africa: 1954-1955

A survey of race relations in South Africa in 1954 and 1955 and includes chapters on: Policies and attitudes; The role of the SA Institute of Race Relations; Joint Councils and study circles; Constitution and powers of Parliament; Registration and control of the population; Matters affecting spec

A Survey of race relations in South Africa: 1963

A survey of race relations in South Africa in 1963 and includes chapters on: Policies and attitudes; New non-White organizations and their activities; Political refugees and absentees; Control of publications; The Population of South Africa, and measures to deter intermingling; The African reserv

A survey of race relations in South Africa: October 1950 to September 1951

A survey of race relations in South Africa from October 1950 to September 1951 and includes chapters on: Housing; Health; Nutrition; Social welfare; Employment; School education; Professional, Technical and vocational training; The administration of justice; Evidence of Commissions; Regional repo

Africa beyond the Union

This address is the fifth of the Heornle Memorial Lecture series delivered by W.M. Macmillan who describes and differentiates the political, economic and social conditions of countries outside of South Africa.

Apartheid destabilisation: Pretoria's strategy in Southern Africa

ANC booklet on apartheid destabilisation.

Apartheid: a crisis of the Christian conscience

This address by Denis Hurley covers the South African political situation around the path of Christian ethics, love, and morals to lead us to the goal of racial peace in South Africa. The Alfred and Winifred Hoernle Memorial Lecture 1964.

Bekamping van die revolution:re aanslag

Document outlining the mission of the South African Government to eliminate the guerilla movement which threatens the security of its civilians and a basic plan for counter guerilla action. Attached is a document, in Afrikaans, outlining the implementation of the counter revolutionary strategy.

Black consciousness: a reactionary tendency

This article is a reprint, and first appeared in June 1976 in The Educational Journal of March-May issue. The author provides the reader with a very detailed background and history of the formation of the Black Consciousness Movement in South Africa.

Can Africa come of age?

The sixteenth Hoernle Memorial Lecture delivered by Professor C.W. de Kiewiet in which he discusses Africa and it's political situation as seen from the rest of the world.

Centenary of Indians in South Africa : a record of a hundred years of Indian progress in various spheres of activity . 1960

As the sun sets on my most ambitious effort, this is, indeed, a great day for me, for after years of preparation and long hours of patient research, my dream has been finally accomplished. But there is something nobler than merely to pride myself on its presentation.


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