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A book for today
A brief biography of my maternal grandfather Mr Rangasamy Pillay who was a professional sienne netter for approximately sixty years

Indians have been. engaged in the fishing industry of Durban from about 1865 - 1870. The base of their operations was originally from Salisbury Island , situated in Durban Bay, but the. date of their initial settlement on the Island is uncertain.

A labour of love: The Biography of Dr Shishupal Rambharos

It has taken many months to put together this book, largely because Bhai Rambharos has had a long, varied and rich life that reflects so many different interests. It has been an immense task that has raised many difficult questions.

A M Moola, Aboobaker H A Javery

Biography - Aboobaker H A Javery, A M Moola

A short sketch of Swamiji's life

A short sketch of Swamiji's life

Albert Luthuli

A biography of Albert Luthuli

Assorted conferences, correspondence and articles
B D Lalla : a biography - Fiat Lux August 1978, p23

B D Lalla : a biography

Bibliographies: Dhlomo - cross references and bibliography
Bibliographies: Francis D Imbuga - cross references
Bibliography on Chinweizu
Biographical details of Dr Nthato Motlana interviewed by Mike Cottee
Biographies of John Thomas and Ephraim Thomas

The Biography of Reverend John Thomas and Mr Ephraim Thomas

Biographies of two Bhoola families

The Late Daya Narotam Bhoola family and the Thakor Narotam Bhoola family

Biography - Amra family and Roopanand family

Indian Businessmen in the Durban Area: Indian Immigration to SA, the Establishment of the Business and its Progress up to the Present.

Biography - Khan Bahadur for Mr Cassim Adam

Biography - Khan Bahadur for Mr Cassim Adam

Garlanding function at City Station. Public service recognized Khan Bahadur for Mr Cassin Adam

Biography - Rowley Israel Arenstein

Biography - Rowley Israel Arenstein

Biography of Andrew Boraine and family

Andrew Boraine and Family

President - National Union of South African Students 1981

Biography of Bavumile Herbert Vilakazi

Biography of Bavumile Herbert Vilakazi.


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