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Beloved Bookman
Beloved Country
Between Apartheid and Neoliberalism in Durban’s Indian Quarter

A drive from Durban's beaches towards the once bustling ''Indian quarter''will lead to a confluence of three streets: Monty Naicker, Alfred Bitini Xuma, and Yusuf Dadoo.

Beware of Melancholy
Bewitching Zulu Women: Umhayizo, Gender, and Witchcraft in Natal

Some time in mid-1999, a young man from the village of Masameni in southern KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, 'proposed love' to Zandile, a 16-year old girl from the nearby village of Makholweni. She promptly refused his attentions.

Beyond Apartheid: Race, Transformation and Governance in KwaZulu-Natal Cricket

In February 1990 South African President FW de Klerk unbanned the African National Congress (ANC), the South African Communist Party (SACP) and the Pan African Congress (PAC), allowing these organisations to return to 'normal'and active politics within the country after an absence of almost three

Bibliographies on African Literature since 1970
Bibliography and Sources
Bibliography for recent West Indian writing in English
Bibliography: The Novels of D.O. Fagunwa
Black African literature bibliographic guide now available
Black Conciousness: an appraisal

The article discusses whether the Black Conciousness Movement arose as a result of the influence of an ideology or as a reflection of the real needs and pre-occupations of the people.

Body and procedures for drafting a new constitution

Proposal of the African National Congress to CODESA Working Group 2 on a body and procedures for drafting a new constitution. Suggests ways in which a democratic, all-inclusive Constitution-making body would be formed.

Book List On Gandhi donated by Fatima Meer

Book List On Gandhi donated by Fatima Meer

Books - A wasted chance: Hofmeyr by Alan Paton
Books and Things
Books by Malcolm Muggeridge
Books new and old: A human document
Books that point the way by Jesse Pindall Peirce


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