This pilot ‘virtual exhibition’ was conceived by Dale Peters of Digital Innovation of South Africa (DISA) and Paul Weinberg of The Centre for Curating the Archive at the University of Cape Town as a result of many discussions about the ‘digital moment’, preservation and making our historical photographic resources accessible.

Eminent economic historian, Bill Freund applied his indepth knowledge and research skills about Durban and other cities in Africa to shape a formidable context within which to understand the exhibition. Jeeva Rajgopaul and Paul Weinberg made the photographic selection from the Local History, Killie Campbell Museums and the McCarthy Retail archives.

David Baxter designed the website, adding his own creative touch to this narrative over time and Colleen Goldsworthy with her holistic skills brought all the elements into a framework to make them functional and internet user friendly.

Finally this project would not have been possible without the generous support of Roy Parkhurst and Lisa Holloway of McCarthy Retail, SCI. The project pays tribute to one of the pioneers of the group, Brian McCarthy whose deep interest in history and love for the city stimulated the funding for Durban in Motion.

The project also wishes to acknowledge Bruno van Dyk of the UKZN Foundation, and the Anglo American Chairman’s Fund who were also significant catalysts in the realisation of this project.